Doctor or Doctress?

Explore American history through the eyes of women physicians

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An annual announcement discussing the Woman’s Medical College administration, students, faculty, and their roles at the college.

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"“I’ve finished the eye and I’m up on my ear”: A Female Medical Student’s Life "

The students at Woman’s Medical College were encouraged to attend a four-year course in order to obtain their medical degrees.   A woman who intended to earn a degree at Woman’s Medical College was also required to pass entrance examinations in English composition, math, physics, and Latin.  A first-year student would take courses such as anatomy, chemistry, hygiene, and pharmacy; while third-year students would have more advanced and specialized courses such as pathology, operative surgery, and medical diagnosis.  In addition to lectures, the student also worked in laboratories and observed surgeries.

The annual announcements list the enrollment and graduation requirements for students, as well as information about class schedules, recommended textbooks, fees, and college activities.

Creator: Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania

Language: english

Item Number: a076_112

Pages: 30

Size: 21.5x15cm

Physical Collection: Records of W/MCP Publications 1850-present, ACC-076

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